visit Turkey

شارك اصدقائك الفايسبوكيين

If you are wondering whether to visit Turkey or not, I would gladly tell you that YOU HAVE TO GO.
I went recently on a trip to Istanbul and I do not regret it at all.
Turkey is a beautiful place. It is enclosed on three sides by the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Aegean Sea. Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey which I have visited, is built on land in the Bosporus seaway. The city is partly in Asia and the other part is in Europe. It is well known for its delicious dishes containing meat, Şiş kebap, Köfte, Döner and a lot of other breathtaking dishes, including the deserts like baklava and their traditional tea “chai”.
Istanbul, Al-Fatih, Taksim, and Princesses Islands are a must-go! These are the least places you can go to to discover beautiful places and go shopping. These places are well known especially Al-Fatih for their cheap prices and various fashions.
Some people are wondering if it is safe especially now after the earthquakes, but Istanbul is safe and nothing happened there. Most likely you will need a SIM CARD to have the internet on your phone because it is mandatory to have google maps with you. It is a big city and a lot of places are alike and confusing. It will be so hard to memorize the places and the avenues without a map even if you ask people.
Turkey is breathtaking! You’ll be surprised how much its citizens are so conservative and they are so attached to their language, culture, and country. They love it so much and they do not try to copy any other culture or language. They mostly communicate in Turkish and a little bit of Arabic even though they do understand English and Arabic. Mosques are everywhere and people mostly visit them to discover the beauty on the inside. The handwriting, the colors, the sculptures, and the gardens; even their cemeteries are clean, well-organized, and beautiful. You’ll love how much Turkish people are hard workers; most of the hotels are clean and their workers are so nice and welcoming, for me, I did not find any difficulties communicating with them and they were so helpful. Excursions are also nice, going to Sapanca for example will isolate you from the whole world; you’ll get to communicate with people who are surrounding you and enjoy the falls, the nature, the fresh air, the mountains, the snow, the food and the activities you can pay for to join in.
Finally, Turkey will always seem cheap when it comes to shopping because their currency at the moment is low and affected due to the economic crisis.


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